Faculty AuthorsTitleJorunal DetailsYear
Panchatcharam MariappanG. Boregowda and P. Mariappan3D modeling of vector/edge finite element method for
multi-ablation technique for large tumor-computational approach
PLoS ONE2023
Panchatcharam MariappanS. Srivsatava and P. MariappanHyperbolic Lattice Boltzmann Method and Discrete Boltzmann
Method for Solid–Liquid Phase Change Problem
Mathematics in Computer Science2023
Srijanani Anurag PrasadS. A. PrasadFractal Interpolation Function
on products of the Sierpinski Gaskets
Chaos, Solitons and
Fractals: the interdisciplinary
journal of Nonlinear Science,
and Nonequilibrium and Complex Phenomena,
vol. 166
Panchatcharam MariappanG. Boregowda and P. Mariappan A Vector Finite Element Approach
to Temperature Dependent Parameters
of Microwave Ablation for Liver Cancer
International Journal for Numerical
Methods in Biomedical Engineering,
vol. 39, no.1 
Ishapathik DasJ. Mathews, S. Bhattacharya, S. Sen Multiple inflated negative binomial regression
for correlated multivariate count data
Dependence Modeling2022
Ishapathik DasD. Thakur, S. Bhattacharya, I. Das Uni-variate and bi-variate Inverted Exponential
Teissier distribution in Bayesian and non-Bayesian framework
to model stochastic dynamic variation of climate data
Theoretical and Applied Climatology2022
Rajesh SRajesh SProximal normal structure in
Banach spaces
Rocky Mountain Journal2022
Panchatcharam MariappanP. Mariappan, G. Boregowda and
R. Flanagan
A Point Source Model to Represent Heat
Distribution Without Calculating the Joule
Heat during Radiofrequency Ablation
Frontiers in Thermal Engineering2022
Ishapathik DasD. Thakur, I. Das and S. ChakravarthyA spatial copula interpolation in
a random field with application in air
pollution data
Modeling Earth Systems and Environment
Durga Prasad ChallaD. P. ChallaCorrigendum: On the justification of the Foldy-
Lax approximation for the acoustic scattering
by small rigid bodies of arbitrary shapes
SIAM- Multiscale Modeling and
Simulation (MMS)
Srijanani Anurag PrasadMegala M and S. A. PrasadSpectrum of a self-affine measure
with four element digit set
Fractals: Complex Geometry, Patterns,
and Scaling in Nature and Society
vol. 30, no.4, pp.1-5
Rajesh SR. Malik and Rajesh SFixed point theorems of nonexpansive
mappings on weakly compact sets
Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum2022
Krishna KishoreK. KishoreMatrix Waring ProblemLinear Algebra and its Applications
Ishapathik DasD. Thakur and I. DasStatistical assessment of spatio-temporal
impact of Covid-19 lockdown on
air pollution using different modelling
approaches in India, 2019-2020
Regional Statistics, 
vol.12. no. 3
Srijanani Anurag PrasadS. A. PrasadSuper Coalescence Hidden-Variable Fractal
Interpolation Functions
Fractals: Complex Geometry,
Patterns, and Scaling in
Nature and Society,
vol.29,no.3. pp.2150-2151
Panchatcharam MariappanM. J. van Amerongen, P. Mariappan,
P. Voglreiter, R. Flanagan,
S. F. M. Jenniskens, M. Pollari,
M. Kolesnik, M. Moche and
J. J. Fütterer
Software-based planning of ultrasound and
CT-guided percutaneous radiofrequency
ablation in hepatic tumors
International Journal of Computer 
Assisted Radiology and
Surgery, vol. 16, no.1,
Panchatcharam MariappanH. Cindric, P. Mariappan
L. Beyer, P. Wiggermann,
M. Moche, D. Miklavcic and B. Kos
Retrospective study for validation and
improvement of numerical treatment
planning of irreversible electroporation
ablation for treatment of liver tumors
IEEE Transactions on
Biomedical Engineering,
vol. 68, no. 12, pp.3513-3524

Ananya LahiriA. Lahiri and R. SenFractional Brownian Markets with
Time-Varying Volatility and High-
Frequency Data
Econometric and Statistics, 
vol. 16, pp. 91-107
Durga Prasad ChallaD.P. Challa, A. Mantile and M. SiniCharacterization of the Acoustic
Fields Scattered by a Cluster of
Small Holes
Asymptotic Analysis
vol. 118, no.4, pp. 235-268
Durga Prasad ChallaH. Ammari, D. P. Challa,
A. P. Choudhury, and M. Sini
The Equivalent Media Generated
by Bubbles of High Contrasts:
Volumetric Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
Multiscale Modelling &
Simulation, vol. 18, no. 1,
pp. 240–293.
Srijanani Anurag PrasadS. A. PrasadRiemann-Liouville Fractional Calculus of
Blancmange Curve and Cantor Functions
Journal of Applied
Mathematics and
vol. 4. no.4, pp. 123-129
Panchatcharam MariappanT. V. Oostenbrugge, J. Heikdamp,
M. Moche, P. Weir, P. Mariappan,
R. Flanagan, M. Pollari, S. Payne,
M. Kolesnik, S. F. M. Jenniskens,
and J. J. Futterer
Validation of a Web-Based Planning Tool for
Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Tumours
Cardiovascular and
Interventional Radiology
vol. 43, no.11, pp.1661-1670
Durga Prasad ChallaH. Ammari, D. P. Challa,
A. P. Choudhury and M.Sini. 
The point-interaction approximation for
the fields generated by contrasted
bubbles at arbitrary fixed frequencies
J. Differential Equations,
267 (4), 2104 – 2191
Durga Prasad ChallaD. P. Challa, F. Mouffouk and M.SiniEstimation of a class of quasi‐resonances
generated by multiple small particles with
high surface impedances
Math Meth Appl Sci.,
42, 3568– 3578,
Durga Prasad ChallaD. P. Challa, A. Mantile and M. SiniCharacterization of the equivalent acoustic
scattering for a cluster of an extremely
large number of small holes. 
Asymptotic Analysis,
Rajesh SM. Radhakrishnan and S.RajeshExistence of fixed points for pointwise
eventually asymptotically nonexpansive
Applied General Topology,
Vol. 20, pp. 119—13
Srijanani Anurag PrasadSrijanani Anurag PrasadReproducing Kernel Hilbert Space and
Coalescence Hidden-variable
Fractal Interpolation Functions
Demonstratio Mathematica,
52, pp. 467-474,
Panchatcharam MariappanMichael Moche, Harald Busse,
Jurgen J. Futterer,
Camila A. Hinestrosa,
Daniel Seider, Philipp Brandmaier,
Marina Kolesnik, Sjoerd Jenniskens,
Roberto Blanco Sequeiros,
Gaber Komar, Mika Pollari, Martin Eibisberger,
Horst Rupert Portugaller,
Philip Voglreiter, Ronan Flanagan,
Panchatcharam Mariappan, Martin Reinhardt,
Clinical evaluation of in silico planning
and real-time simulation of hepatic 
radiofrequency ablation
(ClinicIMPPACT Trial)
European Radiology,
Ishapathik DasI. Das and S. MukhopadhyayRobust designs for multinomial modelsCommunications in
Statistics – Simulation and
pp. 1-24.
Ishapathik DasI. Das, S. Sen, NR Chaganty, P. SenguptaRegression for doubly inflated
multivariate Poisson distributions
Journal of
Statistical Computation
and Simulation
89(13), pp. 2549-2561
Sumit GiriS. GiriShort average distribution of a prime
counting function over families of
elliptic curves
Journal of Number Theory 

Ishapathik DasDas, I.Robust Benchmark Dose Estimation
Using an Infinite Family of Response
Human and Ecological
Risk Assessment:
An International
Journal, vol.
24, no. 8,  pp. 573-605
Durga Prasad ChallaD. P. Challa, A.P. Choudhury
and M. Sini. 
Mathematical Imaging Using Electric or
Magnetic Nanoparticles as Contrast
Inverse Problems and
Imaging (IPI),12 (3), 573 – 605
Rajesh SRajesh, S., Radhakrishnan, M
and S. Agarwal.
Some Fixed-Point Theorems on
Non-Convex Sets
Applied General Topology,
vol. 18, no. 2
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