Mathematics is the language of the Universe and the Queen of all sciences. Statistics is the grammar of Data science.

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at IIT Tirupati established in August 2019 offers mathematical, statistical and computing courses for all engineering disciplines of IIT Tirupati at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research levels.

The Department has young, energetic, dynamic and committed faculty members with teaching and research experience from the academy and industries in various topics of Mathematics and Statistics. Our faculty members have expertise in analysis, algebra, number theory, linear algebra, ill-posed problems, scientific computing, differential equations, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, high-performance computing, statistical finance, statistical signal processing, environmental statistics, machine learning, design of experiments, and generalized linear models.

The Department currently offers M. Sc (Mathematics and Statistics) and PhD programmes. The Department is active in research areas of pure and applied mathematics, industrial mathematics and statistics, machine learning and data sciences.

M. Sc (Mathematics and Statistics)

Our M. Sc programme is designed in such a way that students could join the industry or academia to choose their career

Our M. Sc programme is designed in such a way that students could join the industry or academia to choose their careers. The major scope of this program is to introduce the basic principles behind pure mathematics on a par with statistics and then enlighten them with advanced theory and practice. This program contains a few advanced statistics and mathematical elective courses including machine learning, statistical finance, biostatistics, statistical simulation, mathematical modelling and a few computational mathematics courses. Apart from this, the students will acquire a good knowledge of R, numerical analysis with scientific computing and stochastic processes. At the end of this master’s degree, our students will be in mastered both mathematics and statistics and could get an opportunity across the globe to go for research studies or to choose their career in academia and/or industry.


Our faculty have exposure across different dimensions of teaching

  1. B. Tech Courses - The Department offers two compulsory core courses for first-year undergraduate students namely MA1101 – Calculus and MA1202 – Matrices and Differential Equations and four elective courses for second-year undergraduate students such as MA2021– Linear Algebra, MA2022 – Complex Variables, MA2023 – Probability and Statistics, MA2024 – Numerical Analysis. All our first year and second year B. Tech students must register in core courses and at least one of the elective courses to obtain their degree.
  2. M. Tech/MS/PhD Elective Courses- Besides undergraduate core and elective courses, our department offers three elective courses to M. Tech, MS and PhD engineering students.
  3. UNIQUE STYLES - Our faculties are regularly plodding along with the state-of-the-art of the recent developments and introducing new elective courses at research and master levels to satisfy the need of the hour. 

IIT Tirupati

Practices with high-quality research and education


Our department faculty has more than 30 good quality publications in the short span of 4 years.

Research Scholars

The department offers PhD programmes in mathematics and statistics. Currently, 12 students are pursuing active research in the field of mathematics and 6 students are actively conducting research in statistics.

Winter Workshop

At Every Winter, Visit IIT Tirupati and Gain Knowledge

Every year, the department actively conducts a winter workshop during the month of December.

The aim of this workshop is to train and enlighten the young minds of India from the basic needs to the recent development of the respective research field with the help of experts from top institutes of India.

The participants are selected across India with travel and accommodation support.


Theme: Functional Analysis


Theme: Complex Dynamics and Complex Analysis


Theme: Numerical PDEs and Inverse Problems


Theme: Representation Theory of
Affine Lie Algebras


Theme: Geospatial Data Science


Theme: Functional Analysis

Other Workshops


Theme: Computational & Applied Mathematics


Theme: Data Mathematics and Scientific Computing


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