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Ishapathik Das

Dr. Ishapathik Das
Head & Associate Professor

Ph. DIIT Bombay
Areas of Interest : Generalized Linear Models, Machine Learning

Faculty Room : AB-1, 318
Phone : 0877-2503357,
Email : ishapathik@iittp.ac.in/hod_ma@iittp.ac.in


Dr. Ananya Lahiri
Assistant Professor

Ph. DIIT Kanpur
Research Interest : Statistics & Probability, Statistical Image Processing, Statistical Finance, Environmental Statistics.

Faculty Room : AB-1, 322
Phone : 0877-2503356,
Email : ananya@iittp.ac.in

Angshuman Roy

Dr. Angshuman Roy
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: ISI Kolkata
Research Interest : Nonparametric statistics, Multivariate statistics, Measure of association.

Faculty Room : AB-1, 323
Phone : 0877-2503xxx,
Email : angshuman_roy@iittp.ac.in

N Balakrishna

Prof. N. Balakrishna
Visiting Faculty

Ph. D: University of Poona
Research Interest : Linear and non-linear Time Series Analysis, Financial time series, Modeling of Stochastic Volatility, Analysis of Repairable systems, Chaotic time series

Faculty Room : AB-1, 324-A
Phone : 0877-2503xxx,
Email : will be updated

Durga Prasad Challa

Dr. Durga Prasad Challa
Associate Professor

Ph. D: Johannes Kepler University & RICAM, Linz, Austria
Research Interest : Forward and Inverse Scattering Problems, Scientific Computing, Cloaking and Effective Medium Theories.

Faculty Room : AB-1, 320
Phone : 0877-2503355,
Email : durga.challa@iittp.ac.in

Krishna Kishore

Dr. Krishna Kishore
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Research Interest : Automorphic representations.

Faculty Room : AB-1, 319
Phone : 0877 250 33xx
Email : kishoreg@iittp.ac.in

Panchatcharam Mariappan

Dr. Panchatcharam Mariappan
Associate Professor

Ph. D: IIT Madras and TU Kaiserslautern
Research Interest : Numerical PDEs, CFD, Meshfree Methods, FEM, FVM

Faculty Room : AB-1, 318
Phone : 0877-2503318,
Email : panch.m@iittp.ac.in

Rajesh S

Dr. S. Rajesh
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: IIT Madras, India
Research Interest : Metric Fixed Point Theory

Faculty Room : AB-1, 321
Phone : 0877 250 3359
Email : srajesh@iittp.ac.in

Dr. Ravinder

Dr. B Ravinder
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
Research Interest : Representation theory of Lie algebras, Combinatorics

Faculty Room : AB-1, 315
Phone : 0877-25033xx,
Email : ravinder@iittp.ac.in

Dr. Shilpak Banerjee

Dr.  Shilpak Banerjee
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA
Research Interest : Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems

Faculty Room : AB-1, 323
Phone : 0877 250 33xx
Email : shilpak@iittp.ac.in

Dr. Srijanani Anurag Prasad

Dr. Srijanani Anurag Prasad
Assistant Professor

Ph. D: IIT Kanpur, India
Research Interest : Fractals, Functional Equations

Faculty Room : AB-1, 317
Phone : 0877-2503360,
Email : srijanani@iittp.ac.in


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